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Mapleview Facilities Rental

The Mapleview Community Church Campus is a 40,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility. It's located on 18 acres, on Mapleview Drive West, in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Our facility serves as the perfect venue for all types of events with varying needs. A core belief of Mapleview Community Church and a vital part of our vision is that our facilities and grounds would be more than just a place for our worship services.
We want the Mapleview Community Church Campus to be a place bursting with activity. Our dream would be to see a place where people from our community and church family can come to find love, acceptance and forgiveness. A place where we believe YOU BELONG!
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What Will Happen Next?

Our team will review your request as soon as possible to see if the venue and other requests you have made work with our church calendar.

If we are able to make arrangements for your rental, we will contact you and arrange for you to complete a Form Two to complete your rental process.

**Please note that no rental contract is complete until our office has received a completed Form Two. 


Mapleview Community Church moved into its current facilities in October of 2009, and are excited to offer state of the art facilities for our worship gatherings, community events, and more.


Multiple rooms or varying sizes offer an array of opportunities for most, if not all, things happening in the life of our church and community. Our facilities are 100% wheelchair accessible.



Daily Rate: $1500/day

The 650 seat Worship Arena is perfect for concerts, large seminars, trade shows and more. It has state of the art audio/visual systems and if needed, it can have the chairs removed to accommodate events not needing seating.



Daily Rate: $200/day

The Loft can accomodate groups up to 75 and is great for smaller meetings and seminars. This venue has complete audio/visual systems.


Daily Rate: $250/day

The Summit can seat up to 80 and is perfect for smaller meetings, concerts and seminars. This venue has complete audio/visual systems, stage, and can have the seating removed if needed.



Daily Rate: $200/day

The Fireside room, complete with fireplace, seats 30-50. This is an intimate space perfect for smaller meetings. This venue has a wall mounted flat screen TV with DVD player and HDMI plug in.


Daily Rate: $250/day

The Atrium is the hub that connects all of the various venues at the Mapleview Campus. It is bright and open and can accomodate everything from dinners to galas.



Daily Rate: $250/day

Mapleview has a full sized professional grade soccer pitch as well as a number of beautiful outdoor venues including beach volleyball pit, basketball nets and more.



1. Mapleview Community Campus (MCC) endorses and encourages the community’s participation in the use of its facilities and resources. Community based groups may use MCC through the use of rental contracts provided its normal operation and the requirements of various system groups are not interrupted.


2. All applications and questions regarding rental contracts or use of MCC should be directed to the office at 300 Mapleview Drive West, Barrie, ON Bus: 705-735-6423 Fax: 1-866-763-7167


3. The application forms will include a choice of MCC facilities, dates,times, resources and manpower.



4. All applications must be received by the office a minimum of 20 working days prior to the event and be accompanied with the appropriate deposit fee, unless other arrangements have been made with the MCC office.


5. Rental contracts will not be processed prior to one year before event date.


6. The applicant shall be responsible for determining that the facilities are fit, safe and suitable for their permitted activity.



7. No contract will be granted unless signed by an individual of 18 years of age or older and an individual of 18 years of age or older will be in attendance for the duration of the rental contract.


8. The contract holder shall be responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons admitted into the MCC from the user group, and will ensure all requirements of the rental contract are met.


9. Subletting of space by the contract holder is not permitted.


10. Transferring of space by the contract holder is not permitted.


11. Contract holders must familiarize themselves with all emergency exits. User groups are not to obstruct aisles, hallways, or exits.


12. Smoking on the MCC property is restricted to designated areas outdoors only under the smoke free act Legislation 9(1),(2),(3).


13. The consumption and/or sale of alcoholic beverages on MCC premises are strictly prohibited.


14. The contract holder requires approval from the Office for permission to allow food, beverages or specified animals on MCC property.


15. The contract holder will ensure that all activities adhere to prevailing by-laws and that all necessary licenses, permits, etc. are obtained.


16. The society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN) is the Canadian copyright collective for the public performance of musical works. They administer the performing rights of composers, lyricists, songwriters, and their publishers and those of affiliated international societies by licensing the use of their music in Canada. The contract holder will ensure that all events will have the appropriate fees paid to SOCAN. MCC does not take any responsibility in paying SOCAN fees.


17. All specialized electrical requirements must be approved by the Facility Director (Craig Head). Additional Fees may apply.


18. The contract holder is responsible for ensuring the MCC property is vacated promptly at the time specified on their rental contract or they will be charged for additional custodial time.


19. The contract holder will be responsible for all charges incurred by MCC as a result of improper use of fire or security alarms.


20. The custodian is not authorized to permit the use of any room or equipment other than that indicated on the rental contract.


21. The rental contract holder will confine their activity to the designated facilities as indicated on the contract, and associated corridors / washrooms.


22. Failure or refusal by the contract holder/user group to adhere to the rental contract regulations may result in cancellation and refusal to grant any further rental contracts for the use of MCC facilities.


23. MCC has the first right of refusal to sell concession stand products.



24. MCC reserves the right to inspect and control all private functions held on MCC property. Liability for damages to the premises will be charged accordingly. MCC can not assume responsibility for personal property or equipment brought into its facilities. Personal effects and equipment must be removed from the premises at the conclusion of the function.



25. MCC facilities will be available for community use subject to the following: Rental contracts are not available during scheduled Sunday services.



26. All rental contract holders shall carry liability insurance of at least $2 million and name the “Mapleview Community Church” as Additional Insured. An insurance certificate, proving compliance with this requirement shall be provided before the application is approved.

27. MCC will not be responsible for any personal injury, damage, loss or theft of clothing/equipment of the user group.


28. The contract holder shall be responsible to MCC for all damages to the buildings, equipment and/or grounds and shall indemnify MCC from any claim whatsoever by or in respect of any person or persons.



29. An initial deposit of 50% is required to hold any event or specific date. The contract itself is the invoice. The fee (including the insurance fee if applicable) must be paid in full at least 10 working days prior to the event. Payment may be made by Money Order, Certified Cheque, cash, or cheque payable to Mapleview Community Church.


30. Applicants are required to pay the applicable fees for any time that exceeds the information stated on the rental contract. Additional custodial fees will be levied if additional cleaning is required after the event. Additional fees for tables & chairs not stated on the contract may apply if used. These charges may be invoiced after the event.



31. The Office must be notified of cancellations and/or changes as soon as possible. Failure to advise the office will necessitate partial charges for the rental facility. Three alterations per rental contract will be accommodated, after which the contract will be cancelled and a new rental contract application will be necessary.


32. MCC maintains the right to cancel or alter any rental contract and will provide 10 days notification.


33. The rental contract holder has no claim to compensation from MCC for any loss, damages or expense resulting from such cancellation.



34. Rental contracts will be invalid during the days when MCC is closed due to inclement weather. Refunds or rescheduling of cancelled events will be reviewed.



35. Failure to notify the Office of your decision not to use the facilities will result in partial charges for the facility ie equipment charges, if applicable, custodial fees, if applicable, as well as an additional “Non-use of a booked facility” fee (“no-show” fee).



36. Parking is only permitted in designated areas. Fire Routes and driveways should not be blocked. Failure to comply may result in ticketing and/or towing.



37. Fields will be considered unplayable if the following conditions exist: Ponding of water on the surface of the field; Water sponging up around one’s feet when walking on the field/diamond, Weather conditions-lightning, thunderstorms.

38. User groups ignoring the unplayable conditions: Will be required to pay for all damages to the field where deemed responsible; Could be held responsible for accidents, injuries incurred because of unsafe conditions; May have their contract suspended, or revoked for any future use of a field.



The Mapleview Community Church (MCC) vision has always been about adding value to all those within the community ever since its inception in September of 1997. The Mapleview Community Church Campus backed up with its state of the art infrastructure can assist and compliment the goals of almost all local businesses. This has also included the strategic partnerships with surrounding organizations. Our vision has attempted in assisting local business in forming competitive advantages in attracting customers and families to their products and services. We believe that MCC is an innovative faith based initiative in our community that we hope will bless you.


However, it is still important for all those entering into a rental agreement with Mapleview Community Church that we are a Christian biblical-based driven church facility. Our desire is to follow to the best of our abilities the biblical patterns and guidelines for living out the core of our values and beliefs.


We cordially ask of all persons, organizations and parties renting our facility to be sensitive to:


1. Following Biblically based patterns of observance in Cultural and Societal Standards. Romans 13:1 Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities…


No Drug or Alcohol use permitted in or on MCC campus or any promotion/selling of any other type of legally banned substances and or paraphernalia. City ordinances are all to be strictly adhered to and all questionable activities that fall into gray areas are subject to final approval from Church Leadership.


2. Following Biblically based Moral and Ethical Conduct. 1 Thessalonians 4:3 It is God’s will that you should …avoid sexual immorality;


Our desire is to follow biblical principles of truth and morality. It is not our intention to judge or condemn but to uphold long-held biblical beliefs that reflect our church body’s pursuit of Christian lifestyle, as governed by our General constitution and by laws.


3. Following Biblically-based patterns in the area of Spiritual Directive Exodus 20: 3 “You shall have no other gods before me.


Mapleview Community Church reserves the right to deny anyone or any organization openly participating in occult practices, the use of space, promotion or the selling of any wares on our church campus. This would also include world religions that are in opposition to upheld biblical standards of truth.


We thank all of our partners for their understanding and sensitivity in these areas.

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