Monday Nights 6:30-7:30 PM

September 21 - December 7

(excluding holidays)

Bringing Kids to Life through the Arts and Christ! Brought to Life Productions is an arts program in Barrie Ontario for Children and Youth from Grades 4-9. It is a place for students to Engage, Explore and Enact both their faith and talents.


“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10


This fall, students will be able to choose which Arts Stream they want to be a part of.  Drama, Dance, Voice, Piano or Visual Arts.  Within that stream they will be placed in a group of 8 (to stay within the provincial guidelines for gatherings during COVID) with a gifted and screened instructor.  


VOCALS with Carla Small

Singing should be fun! This year in Brought to Life Voice, students will learn about the mechanics of their instrument, and how to use their voices with strong breath support and no strain.  We will learn the fundamentals of speech level singing, which means singing with the same comfortable, easily produced voice you use when you speak.  We will exercise our voices with rhythmic rhymes and warm-ups that students will be expected to practice during the week.  This term we will be singing some Christmas classics, written by Vince Guaraldi for A Charlie Brown Christmas, as well as some traditional Christmas Carols that remind us of the true meaning of Christmas.   

THEATRE with Rachel Kuehnel

Hello Everyone, my name is Rachel and I am SO EXCITED to be the Brought to Life Productions Drama instructor this season. I have been involved with children and youth theatre for 7 years as a director, stage manager, volunteer coordinator, technical director, and many other roles. The last company I was involved with was K2K Productions with YFC Woodstock. There I was able to work hands-on with hundreds of students, seeing them develop both as an artist and in their relationship with Christ. It is a passion of mine to see young people be empowered to grow in confidence, in character, and in faith. Every human being is vastly different and it is so wonderful to see the individual gifts grow in each student as they are encouraged and challenged with new experiences. This is why I am so excited to be a part of Brought to Life this semester: to see students’ lives changed forever through the Arts and Christ!  


Drama for EVERYONE! This year at Brought To Life Drama we are going to be having so much fun exploring the fundamentals of acting, drama, and theatre. From drama games, to monologues, radio theatre, and writing and performing our own skits, this season students are going to be challenged to get uncomfortable to learn more about themselves and their abilities. The season will culminate in a project to recreate A Charlie Brown Christmas Movie with the students, as well as other pieces for the Christmas Showcase. No one can have too much or too little experience, there is a place for everyone who wants to put themselves out there.  

PIANO with Khristine Molinaaro

Hi ! I’m Kristine. In the piano stream this semester, students will be taught a basic understanding of music notation and elementary music theory rudiments. I specialize in teaching students how to “play the piano”, exploring beyond the notes with lessons on how to use arm weight to produce good tone production, posture and technique. A wide range of solo music as well as some duets throughout the semester will be explored with genres ranging from classical to jazz and blues to contemporary music! The most important thing as a teacher is for my students to grow a love of music and have fun while doing it! I look forward to our production at the end of each semester where students will have the opportunity showcase their hard work in front of a live audience. 

DANCE with Kaitlyn Chadsey

With our dance program we are going to explore the fundamentals of dance, Jazz dance is popular among all dancers. Lively music and routines will make this an enjoyable and energetic class. Proper placement, posture and alignment will be stressed, while students develop their strength and flexibility. Dancers will improve coordination,  flexibility and strength in a fun and challenging environment. We will also experiment with Musical  Theatre which combines lip-syncing, dancing, and  acting.

ART with Renee Rose

Art is Explorative! This year at Brought to Life Visual Arts we are going to be exploring different facets of visual artistic expression. Some of what will be learned are great fundamentals which the students can build. Then we are going to be learning and accomplishing different techniques, ideas, and expressions which students are not accustomed to, as well as new ways of utilizing existing techniques. The projects will be Fun and Challenging: drawing, painting, and more! What we create during the season we will have an opportunity to show in a gallery and onstage during the Christmas Showcase. This is not a craft session, students are going to be building fundamental skills to grow as an artist which they can use in their individual art projects for years to come.   


Registration opens online September 4

Or in person September 4from 6-8 at Mapleview Community Church




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